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About Us
Zhejiang Wansen Electric Heating Equipment Co., Ltd.(Abbreviation: Wansen shares)
It is a professional manufacturer of all kinds of electric heaters, temperature control equipment and power station auxiliary machines. It has 20 years of production experience and has withstood the test of the market. It is a leading enterprise of related products in the country, with international advanced production technology and testing equipment.

The company specializes in designing and manufacturing heating equipment, electric heaters and explosion-proof electric heaters for major nuclear power plants, chemical, petroleum, oil refining, high-power electric heating pipes for boilers, electric heating pipes for electric ovens, electric heating rods, electric heaters for air ducts, Electric heaters for oil tanks, electric heaters for welding equipment (Huff heaters, crawler heaters, rope heaters), electric heating pipes for pipes (silicone rubber heating belts, fiberglass heating cables), cast aluminum, copper , high temperature ceramic electric heating plate, thyristor intelligent automatic control cabinet, steam heating rod for steam turbine, electric heater for reaction kettle, electric heating explosion-proof heat conduction oil furnace, heat transfer oil system, etc., can design and produce various special according to user requirements. Required electric heating equipment.

With the principle of “integrity, innovation, leading and win-win”, the company has always adhered to the development strategy of introducing technology, integrating innovation, independent research and cooperative development, and has won many honors. The company passed the ISO9002 quality system certification earlier in the industry.
Thanks to all the old and new customers for their favor of our company, as always, the free design and guidance of the required products, we will better do the pre-sales service and after-sales return visit work, so that our product quality and service quality let You are satisfied, and finally I wish all friends a smooth job and a successful career!
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Latest News
Stainless steel electric heating tube installation method
Now our stainless steel electric heating pipe is more common in the use and environment of electric heating equipment. The arrangement and installation of stainless steel electric heating pipe in electric heating equipment, the temperature uniformity of electric heating equipment and the service life of heating pipe Great influence. So what are the points that need attention in the installation?
Electric heater heating method and using method
Electric heaters have many advantages that other fuels and equipment cannot achieve. Because of their strong advantages, they are favored and adopted by many companies. How do electric heaters on the market heat up? How is it used?
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What are the process requirements for explosion-proof electric heaters?
For explosion-proof electric heaters, heat is generated and transmitted by electric heating elements immersed in heat-conducting oil. Using heat-conducting oil as a medium, a circulating pump is used to force the heat-conducting oil to perform liquid phase circulation, and heat is transferred to one or more heats. After the equipment is unloaded by the heat equipment, it is re-circulated by the circulation pump, returned to the heater, and then absorbed heat, and transferred to the heat equipment, so that the heat is continuously transmitted to increase the temperature of the heated object to reach the heating process. Claim......
Air heater features
According to the heating gas, it can be divided into a nitrogen heater and a hydrogen heater.
Application of electric heating cable in antifreeze and insulation of sewage treatment tank
Industrial production and daily life will produce a lot of sewage, which requires treatment of sewage. In the water tank where the experimental agent is placed in the advanced treatment of sewage, the medium temperature is generally required to be around 15 °C, and the temperature of the microorganism in the liquid cannot exceed 40 °C. The maintained temperature should not exceed 40 °C. In the cold winter, the temperature will drop below zero, so the medium inside the pipeline will freeze. Only the insulation layer can not meet the pipeline insulation requirements...
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